How to fill choices

    View Available Choices

    After successful Saved Counseling Details and on clicking the link “View Available Choices” , The systems internally retrieve the credentials of the candidate like gender, category, sub-category, date of birth etc from the candidate’s database and the available choices specific to the candidate based on Rank, category, sub-category.

    The candidate can view the choices as per their selection of counselling-type and based on gender, category, sub -category

    Choice Filling

    • All candidates who have registered, are required to submit their choices of Institute and Program in order of their preference
    • As per the eligibility of the candidate, available Choices for Institute and Programs will be displayed
    • Candidates can fill in as many choices in the order of preference as they wish to from the list of available choices
    • Candidate wants to change his/her preference of choices he/she can do during the stipulated time for every round mentioned in Counselling schedule. Candidates have to take the print out of the filled choices only after choice locking.

    Add Choice

    Choice filling page is divided into two panes. The left pane shows the all available choices and the right pane shows the all submitted choices. Candidates can add as many choices in the order of preference as they wish to from the left pane (available choices). As they press the “Add” button of left pane to add a particular choices, that choice will be added to the right pane and removed from the left pane. The choices submitted and resides in right pane will be considered as submitted choices after pressing the ‘SAVE’ button.

    Delete Submitted Choice(s)

    Candidate can delete any submitted choice by pressing “Delete” button of right pane (submitted choices). As they press the “Delete” button of right pane, that choice will be removed from the right pane and will be added in left pane (list of available choice).

    Move-Up Choice

    Candidate can move up any submitted choice by pressing “Move Up” button. As candidate presses the “Move Up” button, the choice will be shifted one place above and the above choice will be shifted one place down. So by doing this, candidate can move up any choice in the list of submitted choices.

    Move-Down Choice

    Candidate can move down any submitted choice by pressing “Move Down” button. As candidate presses the “Move Down” button, the choice will be shifted one place down and the below choice will be shifted one place up. So by doing this, candidate can move down any choice in the list of submitted choices.

    Arrange Filled Choices

    There is a separate interface to arrange the filled choices. Candidate can delete, move up and move down any filled choice on single page.

    Interchange Filled Choices

    Candidate can interchange/swap two submitted choice by this interface. Two drop down list will be available on this page. These lists will be populated by the filled choices. Candidate will choose the different choices in the lists and press the interchange button. As candidate press the button, both the choices will be interchanged.

    Rearrange Choices

    A separate page will be available to change/edit the preference order of multiple submitted choices. All the submitted choices will be listed as per their preference order on this page and the preference number will be in editable mode. Candidate can edit any preference order with a valid number and submit the choices with new preference orders.

    Multiple Deletion of Filled Choices

    If any candidate wants to delete multiple submitted choices in a single go, then he/she will choose this interface. For each submitted choices, there is a checkbox to select the choice. Candidate will select the multiple choices and press the delete button to delete choices in a single click.

    Locking of Choices

    Candidates MUST lock their choices after they have finalized within schedule. The locking of choices involves few steps after the “Lock Choice” button is clicked. This includes Agreement and re-entering of the password, confirming the locking, etc. Candidate should follow all the steps carefully to complete the locking procedure.

    • Choices once locked cannot be unlocked or modified
    • After Locking, system will redirect to the candidate’s Home page.
    • If candidates fail to explicitly lock their choices by last date & time, their last saved choices will be automatically locked by system.
    • Registered candidates who do not exercise any choices or fail to save them will not be considered for seat allotment.
      NOTE: ‘Saving’ a choice is NOT the same as ‘Locking’ a choice. A choice that is only saved but not locked, can be retrieved later on and modified. The modified choice has to be saved again. The old choice exercised earlier is lost. But a choice that is locked cannot be modified and saved afresh.

    Print Locked Choices

    After locking, candidate may take printout of the locked choices.